Wednesday, 21 November 2012

The final verdict

        I won't labour this blog with the full story as it is well written on here anyway. This is just the end to the story.
Fourteen months ago, the cast came off and within a week the tendon tore again. At the time of the original tear I know any hope of it getting better was futile.

      Yesterday, I had an appointment at the hospital, the ultra-scan was to show the surgeon exactly what the situation was like in my ankle. The final verdict is that there is a 16 cm tear in the tendon and the tendon is not working at all. It is the fibrous tissue that is allowing me to move to around.

      I am not shocked, I had suspected this was the case for months. In the sporting fraternity, this is known as a "career-killer" for obvious reasons. Once the tendon has gone, the best you hope for is a 4% to 6% healing average at he best and after that wait for it to go again. Factor in bad tissue structure owing to an illness, which made even this routine operation a no-go and you can see why I was so stoical about things. I knew back in July 2011, when it went, that it was over.

      The bottom line reads :- I will be in a wheelchair soon. Am I shocked? No, as soon as I learned about my illness about six years ago, I adopted the mindset that it was inevitable. I will fight it as long as I can, but sooner or later I will be housebound. It wasn't a case of thinking myself into a wheelchair. It was just accepting the inevitable, so when it does happen I am totally prepared.

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  1. The left ankle is as bad now as it was two years ago - I could put snow on it and watch the snow melt, I had to stand in the snow to keep the heat down - the difference is we know what is going on inside now :(