Monday, 26 November 2012

Does anybody care?

The idea of putting what I thought was a popular series in a book, was a failed experiment- no surprises there for me.

Looking at the reads for the last week and for the entire book 1, I was taken in by the 190+ reads for The Word page, as the actual pages only got a total of less than 50 over the entire 7 pages.

Last weeks was a lot more successful with 48 reads but I am still thinking of ending it ahead of time. I may not even end it, I may just leave it, as few people are interested in it. Now the popularity is over, you can all go back safely to the land of the zombies now.

Today, I went out to try and get a zombie book to read. I don't knock it until I try it-but could not see a decent story line anywhere.

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