Sunday, 28 October 2012

The end of the line

                                                             The end of the line

This is a tale of how things can be misjudged. If you open yourself up beware of the unseen consequences.
The contest was run by a publisher, their intentions were obvious to all. We will open it to the public to showcase our writers and get them exposure, to make it fair we shall invite all-comers to enter.

Up to this point, things were going to plan including a massed blog tour reaching out to Lord knows how many. At one point it became overkill as many people were posting the same replies-maybe just in a different order.
Things went awry.

Opening to the public, they let their writers be judged not by other writers at the stable but by the public at large and while some didn't do too badly most of them fared poorly in the contest. At the half way stage, the best they could manage was a distant fourth as three unknown and unpublished writer shone through.
Despite all the stables best, they were losing ground at every turn and it soon became clear that this was a big mistake.
The contest designed to showcase their writers had done the opposite.

As any commander will tell you "Before going into combat, get to know the opposition's strengths & weaknesses."

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