Monday, 15 October 2012

Chronicles delayed

The editing of book 3 of the series has ground to an end. I have lots to do but no drive to do it.
I feel the wind of change needs to blow through my muse, to re-ignite her passions I need to go elsewhere to find the source of energy.

With all the energies for book 1 and the almost lost book of Pat Canella (Hunted down), I feel that I have expended all I can for the betterment of the series for now. Maybe, in a month or two. I may come back to Patti- by then I may have made a decision on the ending.

There was a plan for a book 4 and a romantic setting for our hero. After all his troubles, I thought it would have been nice to give him some pleasures.

The bottom line here reads :- "WHO cares if it gets written anyway????"

I may well try to get on with the Mordhiem series, even though that in itself is a major re-edit/ re-shape and re-mix. It will be a change of pace and hopefully kick start the muse before she leaves the station.

To paraphrase one of my favourite replies :-
"Where is your get up and go?"
"It got up and left on the last train."

                                                The end of the line-Whitby station, Teeside

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