Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Strange dreams

Last night I had a  weird dream. I dreamt that the arrows on the ratings changed from red going down to green going  on the Amazon US ratings. I have just checked, out of curiosity. They have changed, I can further tell you there is NO link in the US to UK ratings as there is NO change over here everything is still going down.

The main changes are that "Ghosts of your past" is now classed unrated on both sites. "Dockland murders" & "To Elfenmere" is the same in the US market.

My Sci-Fi work "The Word" remains constant, I am assuming there is no interest at all there.

My view is that the ratings are largely affected by books getting viewed as there have been no sales changes in the last few days but a great rise in interest, I hope from this blog. Maybe, I am doing good work after all.

1 comment:

  1. Here is a thought. Last night I was so low, I dreamt I saw the green arrows showing rising popularity of some books. What if in my hour of desperation my subconscious created them.

    To give me some much needed encouragement, I know it's far fetched but does explain the massive rises with no sales.

    If you read Chronicles, you would know how weird I can be but this is too far left field.