Friday, 13 November 2015

The unwritten worlds of Alan Place

The time has come
As long as it is FREE, you'll read it. The fact my blog gets over 300 pages read a day proves that point. 

If you are required to pay, you expect Chekhov for a coffee I spend months writing my e-books, and all I get is $0.50c a sale, and you complain about the quality - what do you expect for that price?

Writing is dead
Contrary to what you may think the art of writing is dead in my opinion. What has replaced the once noble art of writing is what in previous generations was known as Yellow Journalism. A more recognised term is Gutter Press; I'll admit there are some good writers, but the vast majority are just jumping on the milk cow and producing masses of zombie stories, or cheap trashy porn trying to masquerade as erotica. 

The internet caused a problem while solving another. The problem solved was the breaking of the stranglehold held by the publishing houses. By giving writers access to be self-published, the internet allowed writing to flourish, but it also permitted a mass of junk to get out as well.

To substantiate my claim, you only need to look at the bookshelves. They are stacked with either an image of bare bodies or zombies. Two years ago, Apple issued their list of #indie bestsellers, and what a shock! Of the top 20 over half had naked bodies on the covers - need I say more.

I am a good writer
I've been told that I'm a good writer/storyteller and not only by friends, by people I hardly know. I keep being told to "Hang in there, your day will come. It takes ten years to get recognised." 

I have news for you - the way things are looking for me - I'll be lucky to keep my faith beyond this year.

Ten years after
No, not the group, my aim was to last the ten years but with sales at less than $1 a month - is there any point to going on with the wait?

The blog
For the pittance I get, I had seriously considered just using the blog to give you #FREE reading but I changed my mind; after all why should I do that? You couldn't find it in your heart to spend some loose change on my e-books, but you'll happily drink beer every weekend and burn your change in cigarettes.

Acceptance is the key
In the course of the last week, I have come to accept many things One of these is although I was a good writer, nobody was willing to help me by buying my work, and so with a sad heart I close the book and sign off.

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