Thursday, 12 November 2015

Hell yeah!

The official version

The British government admitted a couple of months ago that white, British people are a racial minority in the United Kingdom

I hate to tell the Whitehall fat cats, but we knew that fact several years ago. Soon, the only whites in the UK will be Poles and criminals from the #EU

Labour party politics
This can be laid at the door of Tony Blair, I said putting Labour was a fatal mistake and I was right. I have either lived, or worked, in Bristol - for many years a Labour stronghold - and I've seen how the Bristol City Council squandered taxpayer's money. 

When Blair came to power I said it was the worst possible thing for the country. Under Labour, we had endless strikes and rampant inflation through the late 1970's & 1980's.

To people of the younger generation, who have no idea what it was like, we never had a summer when one of the big unions didn't hold us the country to ransom. Throughout this period, the miners were working double shifts on triple pay. While the country starved, the miners were jetting off to Spain on holiday.

Arthur Scargill knew what he was doing. He knew coal is a limited commodity, and once gone he'd lose his control - that is why he created his current post - unless he resigns, he can't be taken from the position.

Travelling down the country, seeing all the coal piles, my greatest fear was a repeat of Aberfan The images of the schoolchildren trapped, dying in the coal slurry still haunt me.

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