Thursday, 5 November 2015

Ban bonfire night

Help the emergency services
Before you call me a grouch - with good reason - consider this. 

November 5th
On this night, the emergency services are overworked fighting countless fires caused by fireworks, or out of control fires.  Hospitals get filled with burn injuries from the fireworks and even children losing their eyes through accidents. 

At this time of year, many mammals and small animals are seeking warmth from the oncoming cold winter. To you a bonfire is a pile of old wood/furniture to be burned, to the wildlife the bonfire is a winter home. It is a sad fact that tonight many hedgehogs - already an endangered species - will die horrible deaths for the sake of a few minutes happiness for the people at bonfires. 

By the way, I've never been liked bonfires, even as a child I saw them as a waste of money. Probably because our family never had money to squander.

The cost
The world is in the grip of a recession and yet people are willing to waste vast amounts of money - which could go for meals - on fireworks. I don't know the cost of fireworks, they have never been cheap. But, think of this for a few seconds of fun, that is the price of a meal for a family. 

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