Thursday, 5 November 2015

Unsolved crimes

Real crime
In my book Sexual Explosions the author in the story talks of a theft in a museum, the theft did happen. I was the person who reported the theft to the curator. 

There was never an inquiry into the robbery, despite the fact two ex-policemen were patrolling the ground floor on the day.  To this day, the Freemason cult is as powerful as ever and as deadly. They can close ranks and hold a vow of silence if it means protecting their own. 

A long story short
Three years ago - when I believed more and was less cynical - this story and two others were published online by A long story short At the time, I was told if I sent $10 they would contact my local paper to get an article published, foolishly in my naivety I believed them. I realize it is a no-loss scam for them, I can not prove they didn't send the article, no more than they can prove they did send it. All they need say is the editor disregarded their request, and they are covered, I can't prove otherwise.

A second crime
The second crime that occurred during my time in the Bristol City Museum took place in a branch museum and didn't come to light until the curator of the museum found a Victorian fireplace from the museum in a local market.

The first crime was obviously an inside job, how else could you steal an artifact from a sealed, alarmed case, that is under constant video surveillance and has internal alarms? 

The second theft had to be done with the co-operation of the family living in the flat above the museum - on-site security - how else can you move a fireplace and cover the gap with hardboard sheeting?

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