Friday, 2 November 2012


You did read that, after all the time and energy I put in with my friends it is obvious that Chronicles is rubbish so spend your cash on zombies and what nots as you have been doing.
I wish to thank my friends for their help but obviously my writing was not good enough. Pack up, lick my wounds and go off to write Mordhiem.
By the way- Mordhiem wont be for sale. I am doing it for friends and the enjoyment I get in writing it.


  1. Alan - Smack! Write because you love it. Selling is nice but it's hard work to advertise - you were doing fine and then I go dark because of Sandy and come back and you're down in the jinx cloud over my head mode. What the?????

  2. I am going to write because I enjoy it, it's just that I don't feel that others do, Paula. I guess that the thrill of the certificate has worn off now. Even the thought that "The lost ship" could be printed soon isn't much of a cheer up.

    It's a mix of a number of things having to accept that one book a week is going to be the best I can do. I have made this week's quota of one already LOL
    I think I spent some much time and energy writing and helping Carol edit Chronicles, then onto Hunted down that I feel mentally drained.
    I will write and I am thinking of starting a site where people who DO wish to read my stories can come and enjoy them.

  3. There is always the chance that this could be reverse psychology. It worked for The Old Church ghosts." By telling people I didn't like it, people read it to see what was wrong with it.

    OR IS IT?

    Only I should know and at the moment, I have no idea how I feel abut things.