Friday, 2 November 2012

Book 3 is cancelled

The picture is shown with the kindness of my my friend Bud Hendricks and his Somewhere off jazz street project.

For the past months I have been constantly fighting my own insecurities borne out of being told I am not worthy. Friends keep telling me that I am a good writer/storyteller and I have a strong fan base. I never imagined making a lot of money from books, that would be stupidly arrogant and egotistic to think I could. I would have been happy to turn over just $3 -$5 a month. This year has taught me many things among which is that to sell lots, you HAVE to jump on the bandwagon and go with the trends. Trying to write your style is a non-seller unless you have a name.

You may have noticed an attitude of wondering where I have to go, if you read my blog. At the moment I am at a loss as to direction. I wanted Chronicles to succeed for the friends that helped bring it to life for me. This has not happened despite glowing praises, being brutally honest I am not surprised. I have often said to friends that I thought it was too deep for the general reading. When you feast of zombies, tardy sex, 2012 and Mayan calendar theories being asked to visualise essences and spiritual battle for your soul is too much.

As the title said "Book 3 of Chronicles is cancelled"  the few friends who read the battles of Mark Johnson and his friend P A Canella will still be able to enjoy the next works as they come out but for general reading. Chronicles is over.


  1. So sorry to hear that Alan. :(

  2. Thanks, Jack. I got fed up fighting zombies in the end and with a total apathy to book 1, there was no pint going on. I feel devastated not only for freinds who helped but for myself.

    This WAS my baby, long before Pat Canella came along I had this idea and wanted it to go far. I have plans for a fourth book available for my friends who know where to get in contact but as for Amazon. What is out there will stay and I am not putting more out as I feel it's pointless.