Saturday, 6 July 2013

Canadian Memories

In my book Canadian Memories (shown here), one of the places mentioned is a village called Plamendon which is about 50Kms up Lac La Biche lake from the city of Lac La Biche. In the book, I make no bones about my severe dislike for the village and say I would rather take a 20Km detour than go through it again. 

I was asked by a few friends what is my dislike of the village? Here is a brief description of the village. 

Plamendon is set in the gap between two hills, on topping either hill your vision is drawn to the dominance of the Catholic church and then to the school opposite; there is little else of note in the village bar a few shops and houses. This may not sound to bad but Plamendon is one of those places you have to make a trip to, there is no village within 50Kms in either direction. Faye took me through the village as we were on our way to Beaver lake to see some herons and beaver lodges and the images of the village have stayed since. If this description gives you the idea of a Hammer horror movie set, then I did the description well as that is exactly my impression.

 Life is so strict and harsh one of our best friends - who is a qualified music teacher - left the area and moved to LLB as soon as she was old enough and refuses to return.

 I had planned to do a larger volume of my Canadian travels as a loving tribute to a wonderful lady, but as nobody is interested in this short work, what would be the point?


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