Thursday, 2 May 2013

Rising of the Prospero

The opening to my latest ghost story for Sea Ghosts

“It looks a good day for sailing,” the captain said to the young couple as they took their yacht ‘Helandria’ out for her maiden voyage; a calm sea with a clearing sky and no signs of clouds; who could wish for a better launch?

            Jack Callinson and his girlfriend Dawn Sherman had lived in the coastal area all their lives and heard many sea stories; some were true and others had been made up for tourists, but one they had knowledge of foxed everybody and all the records created more mysteries than answers.

            The story of the Prospero has remained shrouded in mystery; her origins are unknown and everybody who tried to trace her history drew a blank. She was thought to be a pirate ship run by John Andrew aka “Mad Jack,” but where she came from and what her fate became her remained a mystery. Stories of strange mists and lights out in the channel had been told and people reported seeing an old pirate ship rising from the waves and running them down but how is it possible for a sailing ship outrun a ship powered by engines? Unless sinister powers are at work.

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