Wednesday, 1 May 2013

How close?

I have been asked many times by friends and on line interviewers, "Do I base characters on myself?"
 As a rule of thumb I rarely if ever, base a character entirely on myself. Mark does share my contempt for celebrity shows and the desire for peace along with a love of nature. I also say that P A Canella is based closer to me, Mark is too heroic to be based too closely on me.

 A few days ago I wrote the story "Algernon & Bertie,"  in this story, the character Algie is based close to me. Although my room is not as cold as his lodging house, by mid-afternoon I need a light on, I had the accident I mentioned and the after-effects of the injured shoulder and I do stay in bed late for the same reasons as Algie does. I also stay in bed late because being a writer( laughs to himself), I have no schedule to keep and often work through the night which is useful as I don't sleep well and most of my friends and colleagues are in the USA.

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