Friday, 1 March 2013

Week 3 of the romance -A hot meal on a cold and rainy night

Jannine thought for a while then replied, “I’m sorry, this is out of season and everywhere is closed now. Being a seaside resort most of the staff have been sent home and the owners take their holidays now.”
            The stranger looked down at his wet clothes and said, “I don’t think I’ll be here long, but I need to get some dry clothes and some hot food in me, before I catch a chill.”
            Toby looked up from the table and said, “We’re sorry, but the only place around here is the old captain’s hut; out on Longland pier. It’s pretty bleak and exposed to the wind and rains, and I’m not sure if it’s dry, because it’s been closed a long time.”
            The stranger glanced at Toby and said, “That will do nicely, thank you for the kindness.”
            “Wait until you see the place, before you thank me.”
            Jim stood up and commented “As we are getting on well, why not come and sit by the fire with us, friend. We have been pondering what you said and can’t get to the bottom of it.”
            Helmut got off his stool by the bar and glanced at Jannine, “Have you worked the problem out, Jannine, he asked.
            Jannine stopped to think about it and said, “I have an idea, but I’m not sure.”
            “When you finish work tonight, can you show me where this hut is please? I will give you until then to try to solve the puzzle I set. Then, if you wish I will tell you the answer.”
            “You have a deal, I finish at 10:30 and the hut is about a twenty minute walk from here, unless we are walking into a headwind,” saying that she giggled.

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