Friday, 1 March 2013

Fairy tales for adults

From the man who gave you "Sexual Explosions 1" comes an adult fairy tale.


          In the kingdom of Harpsicordia there lived a noble family, the King and Queen were loved and respected throughout the lands and known for truth, fairness and generosity to those less fortunate.

            When it was known the Queen was pregnant, the King declared a public holiday.

             Months later they were blessed with a beautiful daughter, her hair was as dark as a raven’s wings and skin so soft and white; the couple chose to call her Snow White. On Snow White’s 7th birthday the Queen took the Princess to see a circus troupe’ that was in the area.

              “Oh, look mammy!” the Princess cried with joy. ”Aren’t they just lovely.”

            The Queen who was not interested but having to show some reaction said, “Yes darling, they are  marvellous.”

            The young Princess was enamoured by the colours and tricks of the troupe’, the acrobats so brave, clowns so funny and the costumes took the young Princess’ heart.

            She whispered to the Queen, “I want to join when I get old enough.”

            The Queen was horrified and replied, “Darling, you are a beautiful princess. You cannot join the circus; you have to marry a handsome prince and learn to be a lady of court.”

              “I shan’t!” cried Snow White, "I want a life, not to be pampered!”

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