Wednesday, 16 January 2013


 Flummery is a term used by my favourite detective.
Also known as flim-flam

 My editor Julia is keen on doing book 2 in the series and wants me to expand the story line to explain what Mark and Phil fear about his new talents and ways of fighting demons. This I am eager to do, as it will help explain things in book 3 better. YES, I have started on book 3, friends have already read about four chapters, how long it will be I cannot say as with my other work, it has a life of its own.

 While I love working with Julia and truly value her work beyond what I could pay her. I do still have doubts, the theory is that people who get book 2, will go back to get book 1 to catch up with he background, but that is debatable as book 1 never sold despite winning praises and an award.
  The stories are set out in an order that made sense, as you follow Mark's descent into the dark abyss of his psyche as he fights for his soul

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