Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Each day I pray

 Today, I had to sacrifice my last luxury.
  The headline is not just an attention getter, for a long time it has been a daily task for me. Here are the reasons.
  I pray that when I open the laptop up it will work.
  I pray it will keep going while I work as it takes longer and longer to do simple tasks and keeps freezing or crashing.
  I pray that it keeps going, because if it does stop; I have no idea when I will get back on line as my money is so little

  Over the past few months, I have bought White Dwarf magazine to keep up with the new books coming out at the Black Library and to see the new models from Games Workshop. Although there are ways to subscribe to the wonderful magazine, that are very worthwhile. I never the money to pay for the subscriptions at the right time. It hag got to the point where, I cannot even afford the money for the bus to go and get the magazine. That was my luxury, one day out a month, a treat for me to go out; have a nice day away from washing and to get my magazine.

 It has come to push or shove.
 I need to save for the reconditioned laptop. That is a necessity, the magazine and trips to book signings are luxuries that I can no longer afford. Or at best I will have to make sure that I really want the book now.

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