Friday, 15 May 2015

Behind the curtain?

Patti does Germany again

Noir thrillers on the rise

Pat Canella
 I don't usually check my Amazon sales - with less than one in six weeks - I didn't see any reason to check up on them. Today, I did and got a shock; I had a sale, not in the US, or even the UK, but in Germany.

 On Draft2Digital the PI stories have had a boom in the last month. The noire style has made a comeback. I put this down to the popularity of series like The Bridge, and The Killing from Scandinavia; Spiral, and Braquo from France, and the liking for gritty drama like the stories of Harry Palmer. I have been asked why the stories are liked so well in the old Eastern Blok countries - where I have a big following - including top UK noire writer Paul D. Brasill. The answer to me is simple to understand, the people of these countries can relate better to the cold harsh realistic style of Harry Palmer, than the glamorous lifestyle of James Bond.

East or West? 
While I have a huge following in the old Russia, early sales of the Pat Canella went to a lady living outside Munich. I know this because we used to chat a few years ago. I have no idea, which side of the Iron Curtain my sale was on; all I know is it sold in Germany. 

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