Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The stranger and the indie part 2

The stranger packed the laptop in the lightproof case he brought with him and faded back into the shadows, even at this late hour he knew the RS had patrols out searching and being caught in possession of indie material was punishable by imprisonment and worse, you would be banned from having work published. 

The location had been easy to find but at the same time and hiding in the shadow of the building was no problem, even if the crumbling paper mill offered little in the way of cover it was out of the city; therefore any traffic noises were easily audible. 

The stranger walked steadily back to his vehicle and opened the door; before he left he had unscrewed the interior light so as to reduce the chance of being seen this far out. Any light this far out would attract the RS agents and he had no chance of out running their vehicles; stealth was his friend as he moved away into the cold night with the city glimmering far ahead.

"Who was this mystery writer and how did they know where to contact me?" the stranger thought as they passed the sentry posts and headed onto the highway leading to the city, "if I get caught with this in the car, the ructions will rock the establishment," the stranger giggled as the car moved through the lanes effortlessly; at this time of night the roads were not watched and the car slipped off the highway and onto a side road without being noticed. The driver stopped the car and turned the engine off, as he was about to open the case to examine the new information, he noticed a series of beams in the sky heading in his direction.

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