Friday, 18 January 2013

Goodreads???? For some

few weeks ago, I wrote an article on book recommending on Goodreads, to stop people from doing it I posted a note on the recommend a book page. About 2 hours ago, I had a reply from some lady, who does not know me telling me it is counter-productive. I come back to the same point, how can somebody who does NOT know me, recommend a book to me? When I have no idea what I will read next.

 I was told this was a good site for publicity, all I can say is flummery; it has done me no good at all.
 I am not too bothered as I rarely use the site anyway.


  1. The same can be said for those individuals on various Facebook groups who say "You simply must read this book!" No! I will make up my mind what book I read thank you very much. :)

  2. I agree, Jack. There is nothing more counter-productive for me, than somebody I have had no contact with telling me to read a book (which is usually theirs). It is sheer folly, as my reading ranges from Carol Wills' Titus books to Warhammer and from T.E. Lawrence to David Eddings. How can they recommend a book? When my tastes is so varied :)