Reading area

The reading area
In this section, there will be two main varieties of stories. 

These are excerpts from stories I hope to enlarge for sales; not all will end up as books, or in anthologies. Many of my stories start off with real expectations but end up lost in the pile of waste.

These are stories I have no intention of enlarging or selling. Sometimes, a story is so compact I can see no way of expanding it to make it saleable.

Option 3
 There is always the possibility that if you see a story, you like, you can contact me either here or on my email to ask if I can make a short story into a saleable item, that is what happened to A Sailor's Love

A Sailor's Love started off as a 1,500 blog for a friend and ended up at over 110 pages for $2.75. I stopped the story at this point - the story was far from over - because after spending 14 months on it, I realized it was becoming a pointless venture.

I hoped sales would give me the drive to write the sequel I had in mind - instead - the lack of interest killed my drive for almost a year and still haunts my work.

Links to stories included on this page.

The Bible and the gun

The fortress

If you like my stories, more are for sale at Barnes & Noble. Money from the sales goes to #charity, in #Israel.

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