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The Arab world has changed the country they supports

This remain a matter of controversy as long as military matters are handled by civilian courts. is my free romance. So far it is over 20,000 words and 70 pages long, so you have a lot to look forward to.

The concept of this page is to attempt to tell you what IS going on in Israel, not what the media wants you to believe. 

I am being followed on Twitter by a growing number of diplomats from Israel, they choose to follow me, not because I chose to follow them but because I blog about Israel.

New items on the page:- 
The most important is that unless the series of droughts break soon, Israel will see the Sea of Galilee at its lowest in over 100 years

I had intended to turn my latest e-book into the beginning of a series of insights into life in the state, but that is up to you to show me the project is worthwhile by buying copies of Aliyah
Other than showing you care about the project, buying the book will give me the money back for the cover.
The news I will report on comes from several Jewish online papers, as there is no better news than from people on the ground and in the country.

For a change, I did not see anybody in the roles in my story

Plans for the future of my book and the course I am taking on Jewish culture

Over the years, many people have paid me compliments on either my writing or the volume of my writing, but one of the greatest compliments I have been paid is that several people said I think like a Jew.

This is probably because like the Jews, I have had to fight for what little I have and I can understand their struggle to survive.

To my close friends, this news may not come as a great shock.
As I am unable to visit Israel, I decided to attempt to learn some Hebrew online.

As well as attempting to learn the language, I ordered a copy of the Tanakh - the Jewish Scriptures from which the Christian Bible originated from. 
My last ebook is set in Israel, so I used some Hebrew/Yiddish terms in the story to add atmosphere.

The first post- is about the geography of the Middle East.

The more the Palestinians try to disprove the Jewish link to Jerusalem, the more they prove the link is here

I am considering taking up this online course I am interested in learning about life in Israel, as I am in furthering my mental state of awareness, pending my life in a wheelchair

My friends will tell you that my interest in Israel goes back as long as I can recall

I have for a long time considered a new direction for my life as a writer; though my Science Fiction is selling /, I do not feel I earn the title of a bestseller.
I have been told what I think is little matter, and it is what others think that matters more. I would like to see more general sales for my e-books before I consider myself anything more than a hack writer like one of my heroes (Kolchak).
I  have opened a group on LinkedIn with the intent of talking about things in Israel. If you are tired of the Palestinian propaganda fed to the West via the UN, please feel free to join  us in

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