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A new arena for my promotions
Indie World
There is a new page to read my free science fiction serial on is the page I am dedicating to promoting my work for the rest of the year, after that time I have no idea if I will be continuing to write. 
Although many people say I am a bestseller, I have yet to convince myself of this.

One project that could surface is the third book in the award-winning series that began with I have been asked if I planned to write the end of the series, the decision is in the air as the other book in the series never sold. I have also been asked to write the sequel to Again, I have not made a decision as sales are so few.


  1. You earned small amount but you enjoy your job so I admire you sir. Being patient that is a key also to become successful

    1. I have run out of patience after nine years of struggling. If I had some money, I could have got more sales, but I gave my only chance of that prospect away several years ago - that's another story.

  2. [ Smiles ] It is nice to see that you also have a blog on Blogger.