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The dream that almost was
I was born in North Yorkshire, England in October 1956; although the family left our roots in early 1963, I still consider myself a Yorkshire man and the coastal area around there features in my sea stories.

For longer than I care to remember, I have wanted the chance to be a writer. Unlike many friends online, I never took writing classes, mainly because I am too unsure of myself. Despite people telling me to the opposite, I still believe I am not all that good. This is despite having a series that sold over 800 e-books in five years.

In 2018 I had to admit to myself that I am a disabled person as I lost my struggle with Ehlers-Danlos syndromes, and now I am housebound. This year, to add my already daunting genetic history of inherited illnesses, I found I have cancer of the kidney, fortunately, it appears to benign, but I will still need the operation to remove the growth.

I got the chance to write during the Summer of 2011 when I tore my Achilles tendon and was laid up for two months. At first, I wrote for a few friends in the UK, over time they asked me to send some work to magazines as they thought it was good enough. I was never sure of my worth and kept stalling until I decided to take the chance and contact an editor friend who ran http://www.vintagescript.co.uk/. My idea was to try and get Emma to put my ghost story in the Christmas 2011 edition, but Emma decided to run a particular online page Halloween on the website, the idea came from reading my story.

In the time since my first publication, I have earned a reputation for writing ghost and weird science stories which have been likened to the works of E A Poe/  F.Paul Wilson /H.P. Lovecraft and  Sheridan LeFanu to mention a few.

In October 2012, my book Chronicles of Mark Johnson achieved the honor of a seal and certificate of excellence.

 2014 was an excellent year for me, by far my best decision has been to take my Canadian friend Lisa Williamson's advice and enlist my books at Draft2Digital, their link to Barnes and Noble has given me massive sales boost with sales of my Sci-Fi series (Forgestriker)

I spent 2013 and the early part of 2014 writing "A Sailor's Love" https://www.draft2digital.com/book/34522 this is an erotic ghost romance, with a spiritual edge to it. To get an idea of the content, imagine a mix of the drama of "The Flying Dutchman," the honesty and love of the sea of "Peter Grimes" and the raw passions of "Wuthering Heights."Over the period 2015 to 2017, I gradually wound down my writing as the sales for books outside the Science Fiction were not forthcoming. My books can be bought on Barnes & Noble http://alsdomain.weebly.com/barnes--noble.html, and Amazon  https://www.amazon.com/-/e/B007U50BOI.

In July 2018, I fulfilled a dream and published my book   https://www.amazon.com/dp/B075BJH2D2 in paperback. I tried many publishers, but the only people interested in helping me are Vanity Press Publishers. Their idea is I put the money on the table, I do most of the promotion, and if the book does well, I may recoup my outlay, and they'll take the credit. If the book fails to sell, they have lost nothing.

This year, I am moving from Science Fiction to Christian Fiction stories beginning with God Walks These Dark Hills and A Homecoming Special Edition. I chose to write Christian Fiction stories because I got tired of writing about the violence in my Science Fiction stories.

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