Monday, 7 January 2019

Are you seeking a ghostwriter at a reasonable price?

                  I am an excellent writer with an active imagination.
Several years ago, my e-book The Chronicles of Mark Johnson won earned this award which was given to me by an independent magazine in the USA. Since then, my science fiction series Forgestriker has sold over 850 e-books in the USA.

I earned my early rep for writing spirituality based stories about souls that had not been able to cross over. My most popular story online is The Old Church ghosts, of my stories, my favorite story is The Ghost of St. Mary's.
Many years ago, I earned a rep as a writer on the Upwork website. I was in such demand I had to put my own writing aside for several months to keep up with the need for my ghostwriting talents. I left the site because it became infected with Asians who not only undercut every bid I made for work but were willing to write for almost nothing.
Recently, in a bid to get away from the violence of my sci-fi series, I started to write Christian fiction such as God Walks These Dark Hills and Why me, Lord?
As you can see, I am a versatile writer, if I can get into a story, the story can take me over as A Sailor's Love did. This story started out as a short story on a friend's blog and ended up as a romance novel story of over 25,000 words.
My prices are reasonable and open to negotiate.

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