Saturday, 8 December 2018

Four years late.

The final straw for me as a writer.
Six years ago, I was offered the opportunity to have a writing contract by a publisher in Miami; I turned the offer down, after weeks of second-guessing my decision I was still questioning what I did because at the time I was concerned that writing porn stories would damage my rep as a writer.
Now, at the end of my time, I think I should have accepted the offer even if the idea of writing for a publisher with few limits turned my stomach at the time. In the end, they were the only publishers who offered me a genuine chance to get published, what does that say about my writing?
I have thought for the last four years that I should have quit when Forgestriker stopped selling - four years ago - but I held on hoping for an upturn in my e-book sales, but that never happened.

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