Thursday, 11 October 2018

Jimmy Swaggart ministries.

My views on televangelism can be found elsewhere on my blog -; this post is about how I view religion not my religious beliefs.
I have not studied the ministry of Jimmy Swaggart, so I am in no position to posit a view on his way of preaching.

I am a fan of the Gaither Homecoming video series, but to my way of seeing things, they are not about religion as they are tending toward showbiz with many artists showboating and being the center of attention rather than the word of the Lord.

Watching the videos from JMS studios, I get the impression the word of the Lord is what matters to Jimmy Swaggart. For the upkeep of appearances the lady singers have color-coordinated clothing, but that is the case with most church choirs.

I won't deny I find Martha Borg attractive, but she is also a beautiful singer.  In my view, she needs no backing group. Grace Larson is a competent singer, but in my opinion, she's there for eye-candy as she is not even close to the grace of Martha in singing.

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