Friday, 28 September 2018

Why did I change from writing Science Fiction?

I have written spiritual stories before.
What made me move from Science Fiction where I had earned a good reputation in the USA for writing to Christian Fiction where I have to start from scratch?

One factor was a personal challenge to see if I could sell an e-book in a new genre for me. Which I have as A Homecoming has sold three e-books. This book was written with an audience in mind (Jewish), that is why the story is set in Israel.

My other venture into the realm of Spirituality as I wrote the e-book   Nerja several years ago. Nerja holds the distinction of being the only book of mine to earn a five-star rating on Amazon.
Nerja has also appeared in the top 20 e-books on Spirituality twice over the years.
Nerja is set in conditions as far from the heat of Israel as you can imagine, it is set in Canada.

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