Saturday, 8 September 2018

Jimmy Swaggart

A man of God?
I realize this post may well cause a lot of friction.
 I suspect the name of Jimmy Swaggart could cause as much ire as the name of John Hagee.

My views on the high-profit business of tele-Evangelism are well known. I appreciate the churches need to be kept in good state, but some of the modern preachers of Evangelism take such a high cut on the takings it is obscene to call them men of God in my opinion.
 I don't profess to know much about the ministries of Mr. Swaggart, but from what I have read I would not be a believer in his ministry.
 I can accept the first time he was caught with a prostitute he was set up, he was going after people in the church who frequented the ladies of the night. This lead to him being trapped in a web of deceit, and he did confess his sin for that crime and ask for forgiveness from his flock.

 However, two years later, he was caught in a lay-by with another lady.
This time he did not ask for forgiveness for his sin, he turned to his flock and said: "What I do in my life is none of your business!"

 What message is that sending to his flock?
 At a time when the church is against same-sex marriage; I think there are greater evils within its bounds that need tending to.

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