Thursday, 3 August 2017

The man who forgot

The last of the coffee nights
For years he wondered if his writing was fuelled by his coffee drinking, or did he have a warped mind that caused him to write weird stories? 
For weeks after the fire, he survived on coffee, no food, just vast amounts of coffee to drive his aching body. Then one day, his body decided he'd had enough and refused to take more. It was weeks before he could even enjoy the smell of coffee again, and months before he had his next cup of coffee - which he did not enjoy.
It seemed strange to his friends that from having five or six cups of coffee a day, he'd cut back to one cup a day. His body rejected coffee to the extent he began drinking only tea again, for the first time in over 35 years.
Do we dream? Yes
The question is, do we recall our dreams? 
For this writer, he was plagued by his dreams for years, to the extent, he had to force himself to block his dreams.
Now he cannot recall any of his dreams for more than a night, or two, if that
The lack of caffeine has done little to ease insomnia, but at least he isn't plagued
by his dreams - sadly - his writing has suffered

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