Thursday, 17 August 2017


Never again
This action is typical of the Swiss people.
A few things to note about Switzerland
Their national hero (William Tell) isn't Swiss.

They gave the world one of the dirtiest words (Mercenary), WT is an example
I thought the Germans were arrogant until I met the Swiss; they make the Germans appear like hippies.
Goods are vastly overpriced.
Food is not bland, bland would be complimenting the dullness 
They have no culture to speak of
I would recommend Austria, the people are far nicer, and the views of the Alps are the same
In the case of war, for the Lord's sake, pray you are NOT in there. Their policy is to blow the mountain tunnels, so you'll be trapped.
And, yes, I did make the mistake of visiting the country. I wish my friend and I had gone to Yugoslavia instead, we could have enjoyed the food.

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