Friday, 25 August 2017

Dream symbols

The mind releasing its energy
The writer woke fitfully from his dream, the dream wasn't particularly disturbing, but it was deep in hidden symbolism.

Some times, the symbolism is either hard to find or to understand, this was not one of those dreams. The symbolism was clear to him as soon as he woke.

In the dream, the writer was being chased by a wolf and was forced to halt and fight the invisible creature that had hidden in the back of his mind. 

To his friends, the symbolism is clear; the wolf represented his fight against accepting being called a #BestSeller In the writer's mind, he was not a best seller, despite having a #ScienceFiction series that has sold over 700 #ebooks in the #USA

As he reviewed the dream in the light of a new dawn, he recalled the probable cause of the dream, it happened during a recent visit to #Cheltenham, during the visit he paid a visit to the #GamesWorkshop store and spent half an hour chatting to the staff about his books.

The symbolic struggle with the wolf was the writer's final acceptance that he is a #BestSelling writer of science fiction, and he can no longer deny the fact.

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