Wednesday, 22 March 2017

The pen name for success

P.A. Canella
Writers use pen manes for various reasons, some to hide their identity and others to try to write in a style that society wouldn't permit such as Robin Hobb, or George Eliot

For my sake, I wrote under various names that I thought would suit a genre, this lead P.A. Canella to write Science Fiction / Lana Pawcel to write erotica / Al Place was the name I wrote crime stories under In the beginning I used my name Alan Place for general stories, I returned to using my name recently for ease on Amazon, not that it made a difference as sales never picked up which is why my books are only for sale on Draft2Digital

As a note to end on, as my only success story is the Forgestriker series, I decided to return to using my pen name of P.A. Canella. 

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