Saturday, 11 February 2017


Men of the Lord

From time to time, I have articles posted in the Jewish online papers - usually Israel Today Yesterday, I had another published in  Haaretz

Haaretz is a magazine with very anti-Netanyahu opinions, but my article is not political in any way.  My article is about my outdated belief that a man of G-D shouldn't be a celebrity.

 I always thought you became a man of G-D to spread the word of the Lord, but these days it appears to be the case that you can make a fortune, look at Billy Graham and John Hagee.

 I am not saying the don't believe in what they are doing, or that they shouldn't make a good living at it, my concern is that how much of the money they make from their ministries actually gets to Israel?

 And should a man of G-D be classed as a celebrity?

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