Friday, 20 January 2017

The success of GoFundMe

Charity work
On the GoFundMe site, like most sites, there is a section dedicated to success stories.

My project is the second time I have been involved with this site, and like the first, I don't expect a lot of help; even though my project is designed to help others. 

 I am not asking for a lot - $100 - will make my project - in my mind. 

 However, I learned from the last time, people with the money are loathed to give it to help the little guy trying to achieve something, that is why despite contacting , and I expect to close the project next month as another failure.

 Why won't these USA-based multi-million dollar groups help me aid Israel
 There are no kudos for them in giving help, when the world won't notice what they do.

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