Sunday, 22 January 2017

The cost of publicity

Invisible costs
I have been asked many times, why don't you do paid publicity? 

The answer is simple - I did, and it never got any income.

Pat Canella - The Dockland Murders
£60 for an ad in a writing magazine for a month.
£25 for the annual fee to be on the Waterstone's online catalog.

Income = £5

Chronicles of Mark Johnson
£7 for a review from New York
Income = NOTHING

Wharafemere finale
Outlay = £10 for a review by Fran Lewis in New York
Income = NOTHING

Christmas 2016 
Outlay = $24 for a boost to my blog posts.
Income = NO increase in readers over the Christmas and New Year period. 

As you now see, I have paid out a lot, this doesn't include the contests I entered or the critiques of my work I paid for during the years before.

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