Saturday, 21 January 2017

It Isn't always about me

Israel needs our help

 For a long time, my faith in humanity had been stretched to the point of disbelief.
I suppose the beginning was two years ago when I was trying to raise funds to save a lovely dog from being put down because the owner couldn't afford the cost of sending him to a new home.

Despite all the claims made by writers sprouting about bestsellers/ NYTimes bestsellers and how much they were making - one man claimed he'd been given a film contract - nobody in the writing community was willing to put their hand in their pocket to help a fellow creature. I won't deny this made me sick, and for a long time, I refused to be linked to the writing community.
After that incident, my ebook sales started to drop off, and my faith began to waver.
That is why when I started my GoFundMe campaign,I didn't expect any help; imagine my surprise when I logged in today to find the campaign had received a £20 donation.

While the donation only covers the cost of a 1/3 of a cover. My heart rose with a new belief in humanity that somebody believed my cause to get money for book covers so I can hopefully sell more books, enabling me to send more to help Israel recover from the waves of terrorism she suffered at the end of last year.

I shall benefit be having the covers, and buying some goods from Israel, by purchasing the covers, I am giving money to the designers.

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