Sunday, 15 January 2017

Hebrew films

Foreign language films
To some people, the idea of me watching a TV series in Hebrew may be a surprise. 

I don't see why, after all, I watched series in French (Braquo), Danish (Borgen), Swedish (Broen), Flemish (Salamander), Norwegian (Mammon) and Italian (Inspector De Luca) to name a few, there are many others I could name. 

To me, foreign films are an excellent way to picking up the language, which is why I prefer to watch The Killing and Wallander in their native tongue - in translation you lose so much, as I saw when I looked at the US version of The Killing. 

While Sofie Grabol oozed a hidden sexuality, the lady in the US version reminded me of an old style studio actor who had been forced to play a role. 
The Soren Malling role was brilliantly played, in the US version, the character comes over as a klutz.

While I admire Kenneth Branagh's work, I feel that Krister Henriksson is better suited as the Swedish detective, Wallander

In short, I can understand why people don't like subtitles as it takes a lot to read, listen and not miss the action but I am happy to do it.

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