Tuesday, 22 November 2016

The Love of the Sea

Romances and me
I am not known for writing love stories, but I wrote this one   www.draft2digital.com/book/32521. Lana Pawcel was a pen name I used for a while when I used to write #romances. The name is an anagram of my name.

This story is an extension of the original blog for my friend, Yezall   yezallstrongheart.weebly.com/2/post/2012/11/the-love-of-the-seas-al-place.html. Like many of my blogs on various sites, the style became popular quickly, and Yezall asked if it was possible to extend the story. The short got expanded to this version, and finally to  www.draft2digital.com/book/34522

 I was able to transform a 1,500-word blog into a 35,000+-word e-novella with ease. The story didn't end; I stopped writing the story. After 15 months on the project, I realised I was never going to see anything for my time, and I haven't.

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