Monday, 14 November 2016


Donald Trump
I agree that Jerusalem should be the Holy City of the Jewish nation for all time. Donald Trump's idea of moving the US embassy there would should faith in relations.

The concept of the movement, as I see it, is flawed. Firstly, Tel Aviv is the main airport for Israel and visitors to the state associate Israel with Tel Aviv. For Israel as a nation, a transport hub is essential, and I don't see Jerusalem as a centre of commerce.
There is also the cost of the move to take into account and the upheaval of the embassy life, at a time when calm is required. 

Jerusalem has many advantages in the Tourist industry over Tel Aviv, but unless Mr Trump and the Israeli government plan on building up the highways to the city, Jerusalem is going to be hard to get to from most cities, even in Israel.

For my part, I would love to visit Jerusalem, and a quiet setting suits me better, but if you want a thriving nightlife, Tel Aviv is your city.

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