Saturday, 12 November 2016

Don't expect anything

For my peace of mind
One of the first adeath-of-a-news-hound-originalnd most important lessons is that posts read rarely mean a sale.
People DO lie to #indie #authors and think it funny to say they’ll buy your #ebooks when they have no intention of doing so. At first, I used to get excited at the thought of a new sale but after reading the same chat for several years, and knowing no sale would come. I reached the point of not even reading what was written, the same as when I sent work to publishers – I got used to the rejection notes and didn’t read further than the opening line.
This cover is for my e-book about the time I almost died in my sleep, three years ago. The title is also apt for how I feel about my writing in general; out of over 30 books on sale, only the series Forgestriker is selling.
In the eight years, I’ve been writing, the one lesson that stuck don’t expect anything. My romance took 15 months to write before I ended writing it. The story didn’t end, and I planned a sequel but after 15 months writing, then another year of no sales (more lies) – I was told that friends of a friend would get copies – I was so desperate for sales that I believed their lies.

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