Sunday, 13 November 2016

As I expected

There are no surprises here!
Again, I tried to run a Wordpress and again it has failed to gain readers. This blog is the fourth attempt and like Twitter,  Tumbl'r,and LinkedIn nothing happened. 
I always say "What works for one, doesn't always work for all."

If you read the blog, you'll know that I do a lot of blogs about Israel and the fight against #BDS.
I am doing my little part to help the people of Israel by buying goods from Israeli sites. As long as I can recall I have supported the causes of Isreal, I won’t deny it; I have total admiration for the people who built a beautiful and prosperous state amid the constant threat of destruction.
I’m not surprised the Muslims hate Israel, after all, the Russians supplied with the countries with an endless cash flow at the end of World War 2; and all they can do is build weapons of destruction, while Israel leads the world in Science.
While ISIS is ruining the cultural heritage of the world, Israel has a thriving  Art scene. I respect all religions; my tenet is that you can believe what you wish, but don’t force it on me! I do NOT condone terrorism or any political party who supports terrorism. My political stance is Independent; I vote for what I think is best for the country, which is why I voted for Brexit. I voted against entering the EEC in 1973 for the same reason I want the UK out now, the EU is never going to work. I will put money on the same situation arising with the next generation in another 30 years.

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