Monday, 7 November 2016

Alan welcomes Canada

A fond farewell to my angel among the angels. 
This time of year is always sad for me, several years ago, I lost a close lady friend who lived in Canada. I will never forget Faye.

I welcome my readers from  Canada. I am always pleased to see my popularity growing; even sales don't increase. 

As yet, I have sold no books in Canada, despite setting two stories in the Lac La Biche area.
My months in Alberta were the calmest months I had in years, and I miss our home on the outskirts of LLB.
The photo on the cover of Nerja is one I took on the last night I was in Lac La Biche. The picture on the cover of Glacier of Death is one I took flying over Greenland on the flight to Edmonton, Alberta.

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