Thursday, 13 October 2016

Small publications

Writing for magazines
My friends and colleagues keep asking why don't I write for magazines as I am such a good writer?

The answer is, I have tried on several occasions to get work in minor publications such as Albedo 1Abandoned TowersCemetery DanceSuspenseSQ magazine and even a couple of publishing houses in the USA.

Most of the magazines only want "slush readers," that is someone to read and comment on writers that the editor has knowledge of, and puts in their magazine. This situation brings me to another concept - "In-house-favouritism."

IHF is the situation where an editor hunts out work by writers he/she knows, but how do you get known?

Albedo 1 only publishes writers who are Irish or have Irish relatives. Suspense magazine is a con; I found out to my detriment having paid the subscription fee for a year.

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