Thursday, 20 October 2016

Sales could improve

Why do I write? 
This question is one my friend/editor has asked many times; the answer is I wish for my work to be read. But, to be known means that people need to buy my e-books, and that isn't happening.

A month ago, I was approached by a lady wishing to promote my e-books.

Like many people, she was amazed at my output from the several years I've been writing, but couldn't  understand why I wasn't making more than $1 a week from sales.

I had to inform the lady of the sad situation that I need to keep my prices at low rates, to try to get the sales; thereby crippling my income - a practice that isn't working. 

 Last month, with the popularity of my #scifi series, Forgestriker, I thought I'd try to make more than a few cents for a week's work, so, I raised my prices a little - for longer books - the result - nothing short of a financial disaster. This month is my worst on Barnes & Noble in three years :(

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