Sunday, 30 October 2016


A roving historian
From the first time I read the Pauline scriptures, one dream had taken my imagination, the idea of traveling the road that Saul (later St. Paul) walked when had the vision of the Lord.
I was so taken by the stories; I bought this DVD
Life as the first Christian must have been a terrible strain, as the people were under Roman rule; Paul was one of those who believed that the disciples should be persecuted. Faith is a strange thing, in this case, it turned Saul – as he was known – around in his views.
I had an unusual experience – or perhaps just a thought – years ago, I thought I saw a book about St.Paul’s life in a church bookshop in  Bristol. Nothing odd there, I often look in church bookshops, but in this case, the mystery is that I can find no trace of the book anywhere. I was certain the book had a black cover, and the author was L.E.S.Edwards, but no such book exists. I had to get this book instead.

Somewhere else I always wished to visit is the church at Santiago de Compostela.

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