Saturday, 15 October 2016

Magic City

Fantasy lives
It wasn't long after the events of the Indie Wars that things started to go wrong, leading to the events in Spheroid

The world that was once a bountiful land of many great nations got turned into a mass of smoldering rubble. States that once thrived like Israel, USA, UK,  Germany, and Russia now lay in ashes. 

There is some talk of a city where people live in peace, religion or nationality, not being a barrier. Whether this is a rumor to appease the mobs running riot in the rubble, or reality, nobody has been able to determine. The few who set out have not returned. 

The rumors tell of a walled city that stands above a forested glade; on one side flows a waterfall of the clearest blue. What is clean water? The only supplies of water available here are heavily contaminated with chemical residue or filled with insects the like of which we never knew existed. 

Our life here is not worth living, and my family decided to try and reach the Magic City - if it exists - there is nothing to lose in seeking out a new life beyond these crumbling walls. 

Not long ago, the riots in the "squalids" caused the police to attempt a raid, and disaster was averted only by the Avenging Angel appearing.

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