Saturday, 15 October 2016

Lily Allen

Calais jungle
Lily Allen is deluded if she thinks that the British created the Calais jungle

The statement proves how little she knows about the situation involving these "economic immigrants."

First, they are not refugees, and there are no women, children, old or sick people in the masses - only men of fighting age. Refugees flee to the nearest safe country; they don't head for a target. If Ms Allen was following the news - instead of trying to plug an album - she would have read these people have thrown away bin loads of free food given by countries they travelled through - that doesn't sound like a refugee to me.

Of course, she would take a refugee in - that would be a great publicity stunt - and as a rich pop singer she can afford the expense, and even get money back for donating to a charity.

She has apparently not been following the rising crime wave in Europe in their wake. This wave of offences has not only decimated European culture but cost thousands of lives. 

Please do NOT speak for people you do NOT know.

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