Friday, 21 October 2016

Is obedience enough?

German mentality
Before I go further - I am not a nazi - I am pro-Israel.

The Germans suffer from a mental trait that can be explained in simple terms as blind obedience. Why else would a group of people follow a leader who was their inferior socially and as a military commander?

Blind obedience made them follow a leader who many outranked socially. Hitler couldn't even write his speeches and had to have underlined what to emphasize. It's a wonder the Germans followed Hitler as long as they did when you consider their war records. In any other military organization, there would have been a coup; in this case, the leaders would have been Rommel or Guderian - both had proved their capability to lead men.

This trait is seen today, why would the Germans follow a chancellor who was leading a formidable technological state into ruin - if not for blind obedience to rules.

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